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Woodstock Fruit Festival!!!!

In a word: amazing. Let me try to paint a picture: So you’re at a summer camp. It’s on the Trout Lake in upstate NY, near Lake George and the Adirondack Mountains. It looks like this: You’re surrounded by the … Continue reading

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Baltimore Vegfest!

This weekend I attended the Baltimore Vegfest! It’s much more intimate than the one in DC but it was an awesome experience. MOMs Organic Market was giving away free bananas!!! I went a little…shall we say…bananas­čśŐ­čŹî I got this shirt … Continue reading

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Whole Foods Tofu plus Woodstock Fruit Festival!

I normally try to keep this blog focused on homemade food but this was so pretty & yummy I had to share. Even talented food bloggers like myself occasionally buy pre-made food after a long week of working hard as … Continue reading

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Meal plans & general guidance

Someone recently asked me for advice about losing weight. Keep in mind I’m not a nutritionist or health care professional, but I have lost weight in a healthy way and kept it off. This is what I came up with: … Continue reading

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Improvised semi-homemade soup

It is sometimes hard to find time to cook healthy hearty delicious vegan meals from scratch. I make it a huge priority and spend time every weekend prepping my food for the week. We all get busy sometimes so here … Continue reading

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Slow cooker awesomeness

So one of my amazing colleagues got me this cookbook for Xmas: Isn’t it great when people you work with know you so well??? I guess she figured me out after eating lunch with me daily for 4 1/2 years … Continue reading

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Pantry essentials

Recently two good friends and colleagues have expressed interest in adopting a vegan diet and have enlisted my help! One of them requested a list of pantry essentials. This is what I typically keep stocked in my kitchen: Beans: Chickpeas, … Continue reading

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