Teriyaki bowl 

This is pretty spectacular. I started with this recipe. 

It has many parts to it. If I made it again I’d leave out the corn. Don’t get me wrong I love corn on the cob on a hot summer night or frozen corn in a Mexican soup or chili. But here it seems a bit out of place. And there is just so much goodness here besides that! 

Thawed frozen edamame

Cauliflower rice. I sautéed it in coconut oil, garlic & ginger as suggested in the main recipe. I also added broccoli! It was delicious, especially with the teriyaki sauce.

Teriyaki gazed sweet potatoes with homemade Teriyaki sauce. The sauce was the best part. I used the recipe as a guide but I didn’t use any sugar. I added balsamic vinegar which is very sweet, in addition to the Mirin and rice vinegar (also sweet) & other ingredients (except the sake). I ended up with 2 cups total before cooking. Once I simmered to reduce it, it was plenty sweet!!! Yummmmm!!

Top with green onions, sesame seeds & more teriyaki sauce! Enjoy. But I don’t need to tell you that. 


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