Woodstock Fruit Festival!!!!

In a word: amazing. Let me try to paint a picture:
So you’re at a summer camp. It’s on the Trout Lake in upstate NY, near Lake George and the Adirondack Mountains. It looks like this:


You’re surrounded by the coolest, fittest, happiest, most attractive group of people you’ve ever had the privilege of sharing space, time, and food with. All your meals are provided for you and they are all 100% raw vegan. They follow the “fruitarian” diet also known as 80/10/10 which is a high-fruit, low-fat raw vegan diet. You eat unlimited fruit all day long, of which there is an abundance, including lots of whole, fresh fruits as well as fresh-squeezed OJ in the morning, make-your-own banana smoothies, whole young coconuts you could drink with a straw and then eat with a spoon, and even banana ice cream with date syrup (my personal favorite!!!). You just stuff your face all day with more fruit than most people eat in a year. At night there is an amazing epic salad bar. This was my favorite (food) part, aside from the banana ice cream. The zucchini noodles were incredible. They also had Mexican salad, raw veggie burgers and “falafel” that were delicious! You could usually get your hands on some lovely avocado to put on your salad as well. There was always a variety of fruit-based dressings such as mango ginger, tomato basil, etc. Just 100% raw fruits & veggies, that’s it, so wholesome & so delicious!




In addition there were loads of fun activities such as the High Ropes…here is yours truly, terrified, but nearing the top of the rock wall!

And so much more…lectures, food demos, exercise classes including weightlifting, yoga & more, running, swimming and other fun lake activities, mud parties (Dead Sea mud spa experience!!), and evening adventures such as bonfires and dance parties! And that was every day! There were also special events such as speeddating, a talent show, and even a wedding! All of which I helped to organize and run as a part of my volunteer gig 😜 here are some photos of the wedding on the lake with coconut bouquets and pineapple decor:




And here’s me being bossy 😊

And here is where I slept until my tent got flooded and I moved into a cabin with 3 roomies!

Also I got to meet one of my heroes, No Meat Athlete Matt Frazier, and his family!!! This was very exciting for me!!! I totally spaced on taking a picture (I was way too immersed in the present moment which is great but I SO wish I had taken way more pictures!!!!) but I have proof…he signed my book! Which I brought to the festival just so that he could sign it 😊 and I am now Facebook friends with him and his sweet wife Erin!

Next time I see him I will definitely get a photo!!

You should go. Seriously! Next year! If you can’t afford it, do what I did and apply to volunteer! It was actually a really great way to meet people and get involved. I got behind the scenes!
It was truly a life-changing, incredible experience! I made some amazing friends for life and had such an awesome time! Hope to be back next year!
Peace, love & fruit

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