Spring-summer fresh salad!

Started with this fabulous recipe
My additions & substitutions:
I’m not a huge fennel person but there was good-looking local zucchini at Whole Foods so I swapped that 😊 kept it raw just sliced it thinly.
Raw asparagus instead of steamed, just to keep it more summer salad-y! The asparagus was from my CSA so I know it’s good stuff 😊
Extra peas & strawberries & radishes! Because I eat BIG salads 😊
I added chickpeas to give it a protein boost!
Dressing: extra tahini plus water, subbed balsamic vinegar because I tried balsamic tahini for the first time last week YUM and I thought that would pair well with the ingredients in particular the strawberries, no salt, no shallot (raw onion doesn’t always agree with me…)
And I plan to stretch it & jazz it up it with any or all of:
Avocado, pumpkin seeds, hempseeds, quinoa!

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