Whole Foods Tofu plus Woodstock Fruit Festival!


I normally try to keep this blog focused on homemade food but this was so pretty & yummy I had to share. Even talented food bloggers like myself occasionally buy pre-made food after a long week of working hard as a circus ringleader, er, I mean, Kindergarten teacher 🙂

I “made” this at the Whole Foods salad/prepared foods bar. It is grilled teriyaki tofu (can’t remember the official name but something like that) with asparagus and ginger carrots topped with sunflower sprouts. It cost me less than $6 and it was a delicious, healthy, hearty meal. No cooking or dish-washing required. That’s my kind of Friday 🙂

In other news I have applied to volunteer at the Woodstock Fruit Festival this summer. I am thrilled at the prospect of this opportunity for personal & professional growth (LOL maybe you never know…?!), networking/meeting cool new vegan friends, and just having a ton of fun!! It would be an incredible experience. It’s sleep away camp for vegan grown-ups! Picture eating unlimited fresh fruit all day long plus other yummy raw vegan food surrounded by compassionate souls engaged in fun activities, learning, enjoying the great outdoors…and so much more! If I’m accepted as a volunteer (which is very competitive) I will have the opportunity to attend this week-long festival free of charge ($1200 value)!! And I will get to participate actively in the experience and contribute my passion, enthusiasm & expertise while learning right alongside other more-expert vegans!! Please send all your vegan vibes & best wishes my way in hopes I will be accepted as a volunteer! Thank you!!! 🙂

Happy Vegan Weekend!!!

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