Quinoa beet salad with hazelnuts & tofu


I started with this recipe.

I added some marinated tofu. I used my favorite marinade (I replace the honey–not vegan– with a few tiny drops of maple syrup) and I pan-sautéed it in the marinade, so yummy, but in hindsight I’d have done a simpler one to bring out the flavor of the salad itself more, like just some balsamic vinegar and a little oil, maybe a smidge of garlic…

I served it over a bed of baby spinach. I also added some sesame seeds and nutritional yeast.

I prepared the beets by slow-cooking them for five hours. You could also just roast them in the oven. Don’t throw out the beet greens…throw them in a smoothie!!! I do that with all my leftover stems, greens, etc.

The hazelnuts are super yummy in here!!!

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2 Responses to Quinoa beet salad with hazelnuts & tofu

  1. Awesome job! I’ll definitely have to try this. Love your blog 🙂

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