Tofu cake salad with tahini sauce


Look at me and my fancy photo collage 😉 I downloaded a new app. Anyway here is the recipe I used for the veggie burger. I baked instead of frying and they were very moist so it took a long time. I lost track of the time but it was a while and they were still a bit soggy. I also had made them ahead so they had been in the fridge so starting out cold it takes even longer. It wasn’t my favorite veggie burger ever but it was good over the salad with the dressing. I was interested to try a tofu burger. I think I prefer bean-based and sweet-potato based burgers. But calling it a “cake” (like a crab cake) seems more accurate than “burger” and changes your expectations. Also it’s super easy & healthy if you don’t fry it in a ton of oil. Definitely worth a try! Please note if you serve it over a big salad like I did you will need a LOT more of the dressing to get through all 6 servings!

Here is my salad:
Kale (lightly steamed or heavily massaged)
Baby spinach
Chopped carrots
Chopped red bell pepper
Chopped avocado
Mung bean sprouts (the tofu cakes called for a small amount of bean sprouts so I had leftover)

***update…so this is incredible with thick slices of avocado right on top of the burger…mmmmmm

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3 Responses to Tofu cake salad with tahini sauce

  1. Laura says:

    Very fancy! What app is it?

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