Improvised semi-homemade soup


It is sometimes hard to find time to cook healthy hearty delicious vegan meals from scratch. I make it a huge priority and spend time every weekend prepping my food for the week. We all get busy sometimes so here is a good time-saving idea!

I was at Whole Foods and their pre-made soups were buy one get one FREE! I had a busy weekend planned so I thought perfect, save some time! They are $6.50 each so normally a bit pricey. I stretched 2 to four meals by adding quinoa, red lentils & kale! And it’s good!

If you are going to buy pre-made or canned soup keep the following in mind:

Make sure you look at sodium. Buy the lowest-sodium you can find. Most soups are LOADED with salt. I lucked out with this one having no added salt. The black bean soup looked really good but it had a disgusting amount of sodium so I stuck with this one.

Read the ingredients carefully. lots of soups look vegan at first glance but can contain animal foods like chicken broth, milk, cream, butter, cheese, or even (heaven-forbid) bacon!

Add greens! If you need to make it heartier add beans or lentils & barley, quinoa, or brown rice. If it’s not already a veggie-ful soup (if it’s mostly beans for example) add more veggies. You can add other toppings like hot sauce, cashew cream, pumpkin seeds, nutritional yeast, avocado(!!), go to town!

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