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ABCs of Gratitude

I coach a team at school called Girls on the Run. It’s an amazing program that gives young girls the tools to navigate adolescence in an emotionally & physically healthy way. It teaches girls about the power of positive thinking … Continue reading

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Whole Foods Tofu plus Woodstock Fruit Festival!

I normally try to keep this blog focused on homemade food but this was so pretty & yummy I had to share. Even talented food bloggers like myself occasionally buy pre-made food after a long week of working hard as … Continue reading

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Party in a bowl (AKA salad) featuring edamame, quinoa and more with tahini dressing

Say the word “salad” and your typical average person’s eyes start to glaze over as it conjures images of a bowl of iceberg lettuce shoved off to the side…which is why I’m calling this “party in a bowl” because it’s … Continue reading

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Slow cooker coconut brown rice risotto with mushrooms, asparagus & peas

It is FINALLY Spring!!! Nevermind that there is snow on the ground…it’s asparagus season!!! I created this recipe as an amalgam of several different risotto recipes and my own imagination and it turned out great! Not to mention it made … Continue reading

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Quinoa & sweet potato cakeburgers (with greens. Duh :P)

Here is what I started with. The recipe calls them “cakes” but they are also burger-like. The only thing I changed was the oil. Instead of drenching them in oil I just sprayed the cookie sheet before baking them. They … Continue reading

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Green food for St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Not pictured: guacamole & green smoothie! I brought all these goodies to my CrossFit St. Patrick’s Day Party! They were all a big hit! Green smoothie: I made a big batch & just kind of threw … Continue reading

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Quinoa beet salad with hazelnuts & tofu

I started with this recipe. I added some marinated tofu. I used my favorite marinade (I replace the honey–not vegan– with a few tiny drops of maple syrup) and I pan-sautéed it in the marinade, so yummy, but in hindsight … Continue reading

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