Slow cooker awesomeness

So one of my amazing colleagues got me this cookbook for Xmas:

Isn’t it great when people you work with know you so well??? I guess she figured me out after eating lunch with me daily for 4 1/2 years 🙂

It is AWESOME! I highly recommend anything by Robin Robertson. She’s got a ton of cookbooks. Look her up. I can’t post the full recipes here since they are from a book but I’ll give you a little preview:

Lentil Soup:

It’s your basic lentil soup but with edamame (or baby limas) and it’s SO easy you throw everything in the slow cooker at once no sautĂ©ing or anything. Also no oil as a result. Lentils + edamame = lots of protein. And it’s delicious. Love me some thick & hearty lentil soup all day long!

Moroccan chickpeas & tempeh:

This was SO good. I made it with steamed broccoli & bok choy. It has yummy things like apricots & prunes, peas (love peas!!!), tomatoes, lots of spices, etc. super delicious!!!!

I also discovered from reading this cookbook that you can slow cook sweet potatoes!!!!! That has been awesome since I use them in my breakfasts daily. So I just slow cook a couple of big ones for the week and I’m good to go for oatmeal, smoothies, rawnola, snacking, whatever! Just wrap them in foil and stick them in. The big ones take about 8 hours on low. The smaller ones probably 6.

Go get yourself a slow cooker & a book by Robin Robertson! Happy Eating!

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1 Response to Slow cooker awesomeness

  1. Laura says:

    Truly delicious and awesome! I need to get this cookbook!

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