Merry Veggie Xmas!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas if you celebrate! I sure did! Of course it included lots of delicious vegan food! Here is a sampling…

Christmas brunch:
Spicy Tempeh Sweet Potato Hash



I posted this before but this time I mastered the presentation 🙂 and I used sweet potatoes instead of white (better!!). It was a big hit!
Here is the link to my original post.

Christmas dinner:
Lentils & kale!

I used this recipe with kale instead of broccoli. It was almost as delicious as when I made it with broccoli! This was very popular with the fam.


What is Christmas without some goodies? I’m told these look like scary aliens but they sure were tasty & guilt-free! I find raw desserts made without refined sugar or flour don’t have the negative effect on my well-being that baked sweets do.
I used this recipe but obviously made them into Ginger-people 🙂

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One Response to Merry Veggie Xmas!

  1. Laura says:

    Looks delicious – and love your gingerbread people!

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