Mindful eating

I’ve been working hard on eating mindfully rather than just shoveling food in my face at record speed 🙂 I found this article helpful. I re-read it before going to my favorite brunch buffet on Sunday and my friends were impressed & amazed with my snail-paced eating and decreased portion size 🙂 Then at dinner with my parents I ate one helping in the same amount of time that my dad finished two helpings (and he’s the slow eater in the family!) and my mom was practically done with the dishes by the time I finished! I felt satisfied but not stuffed as a turkey, serene & zen & at peace with myself rather than engaging in the vortex of negative self-talk that typically results after eating out 🙂 yay me! Hope it helps you too!

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1 Response to Mindful eating

  1. Laura says:

    Something I need during the holidays! Thank you for sharing!

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