Gingerbread Men

In my classroom December is all about The Gingerbread Man! It’s my favorite month to teach Kindergarten! So naturally, when I was invited to a Christmas Cookie party at a friend’s on Saturday I decided to make these cute little guys!
This was my take on a fabulous recipe from Deliciously Ella. These are vegan, gluten-free, and free of refined sugar, not to mention festive & yummy! You can have your cake & eat it too with these healthy holiday treats! I decided to make them even healthier & easier by forgoing the frosting.

Unfortunately, I am the worlds biggest klutz…

And this is sadly what became of those poor innocent little men! I’ll be more careful with them next time! I had planned to give them as gifts so it was rather disappointing (I salvaged a few mostly whole to give) but at least I managed to get a before photo! And I had so much fun making them at my friend’s house 🙂 Yay Christmas!

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