Tempeh mango chili



I am partial to my own chili recipe, but this tempeh mango chili was a fun variation!
Not sure if this link works, I hope it does. It was on Facebook. Let me know if it works or not!

I subbed black beans for one of the cans (so it was 1 can black beans & 1 can black-eyed peas) and used only 8 oz of tempeh. I skipped the beer (didn’t have any) and subbed the canned chilies for more jalapeños. I sautéed the veggies and then threw it all in the slow cooker and added 1/2 bunch kale at the end. I served it topped with my cashew sour cream , avocado, cilantro, chives & hot sauce.

Yummy and a great way to use tempeh which is the healthiest form of soy and a great source of protein! And I just love chili!

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