Rainbow bowl


This recipe from Deliciously Ella is super versatile and yummy! This was my take:

I made quinoa per the recipe.
I made the roasted veggies with butternut squash & carrots. When they were hot from the oven I tossed them with half a bunch of finely chopped kale.
I did the sweet potatoes separately by baking them so I could use them for breakfasts too.
I had leftover store bought hummus so I used that. I also experimented with making the hummus into a dressing by adding lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. I have to say this was a stroke of genius because this made it stretch so it could really coat everything. It was yummy!
I served it all over a bed of spinach and topped with pumpkin seeds. I tried it with olives too (as pictured) but preferred without-too salty & overpowering and took away from the yummy sweetness & cinnamon of the squash. This is definitely a fun one to experiment with & tweak per your tastes! Yum! And super nutritious & delicious!

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