Elizabeth’s Gone Raw





Friday night I went to Elizabeth’s Gone Raw for dinner to celebrate my belated birthday. In a nutshell…fun, yummy, but overpriced and a bit stuffy.

Be prepared to spend 3-4 hours & $75-$125 bucks a pop. They offer a six course prix fixe seasonal menu for $75 and a $50 wine pairing. I just got a $12 glass instead of the $50 pairing since I was driving and, well, I’m a poor teacher 🙂 They have a sommelier who, in his stuffy pretentious way, was very helpful and let me sample a few reds. The Cote du Rhone I had was fabulous. The atmosphere was a tad pretentious & stuffy as I mentioned but the place was beautiful and we got to sit on a cozy & beautiful sofa 🙂 The place sort of reminded me of my grandparents’ old apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

The whole menu is pictured above (along with the green tomato carpaccio, the “linguine with clams” & the sweet potato pie with my birthday candle 🙂 ) … Everything was delicious except the dessert… It was ok but I did not care for the “bacon” flavor in the ice cream or the smoky mesquite flavor in the pie. I would have liked less smoky and more sweet. The “linguine” was surprisingly authentic tasting…reminded me of my dad’s linguine with clams. Oh and the kale chips they put on the table for you to munch on are probably the best part of the meal. Yum!!

Overall I’m so glad DC has at least one decent raw restaurant but it’s too bad there isn’t some competition…New York has a much hipper, better raw scene!

Definitely something every DC vegan or quasi-vegan or vegan-wannabe should try at some point 🙂 I’d totally go back if someone else was footing the bill :0

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