The Big Apple!

I spent the weekend, as I often do, in Vegan Mecca AKA NYC!

I started off by having lunch at Peacefood Cafe. This is one of my favorite lunch spots. They have everything from raw (the raw lasagna & raw sushi are delish and the raw chocolate mousse and raw cheesecake to die for) to salads, sandwiches, paninis, pizza…all vegan of course. All yummy. Appetizers: the chickpea fries are super yummy with a hint of Indian spices (the sauce is amazing) and the dumplings are very yummy & interesting. Everything is pretty much awesome and my non-veg friends like it too 🙂

We stopped for a pumpkin beer at Dive Bar. One of my favorite things about Fall 🙂


We had dinner at Mana which is mostly vegan but has some seafood. They have lots of yummy pan-Asian-style dishes and everything is organic. They have tofu, tempeh, and lots of delicious veggies. They also have some non-Asian dishes like pesto. Very cute little place! Everything was yummy.

Next day I had several phenomenal 2oz. samples of wine at this adorable wine bar called Pierre Loti.


Finally, the piece de resistance…dinner at Pure Food & Wine!!!

My Merlot and my friend’s cocktail 🙂

Our delectable appetizers: philly roll (raw sushi) (AMAZING) and fig arugula salad (good).

My entree: cauliflower polenta with lots of other goodies…yum!

My friends’ lasagna…also yum!

The best entree: My friend’s tacos with smoked guacamole and other deliciousness. SO. GOOD.

And dessert was so amazing I totally forgot to take pictures. You’ll have to see for yourself 🙂 chocolate peanut butter cheesecake, chocolate pot de creme…YUM!!!!!

I ❤ NYC 🙂

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