Sesame roasted fall veggies


I know I keep posting roasted veggie recipes…but it’s fall! And guess what…this is the BEST ONE YET!!! 🙂

2 T sesame seeds + more for serving
2 T sesame oil
1-2 cloves garlic
2 T low-sodium gluten-free Tamari (OR Bragg’s liquid Aminos OR regular soy sauce)
4 T Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Ground black pepper

1 Butternut squash (peel, chop in 1 inch cubes)
1 winter squash (peel, chop in 1 inch cubes)
1 sweet potato or several white potatoes (peel, chop in 1 inch cubes)
Several carrots (peel, chop in 1 inch cubes)
Several turnips (peel, chop in 1 inch cubes)
Several apples (chop in 1 inch cubes)
2 small Japanese eggplant (sliced)
1 red onion (sliced)
1 bunch tat soi (coarsely chopped, including the stems)

**A note about these ingredients: as always this is a guide. Use what you can easily find focusing on local seasonal veggies. For example, you are probably thinking “what the heck is tat soi???!!!” Until a few days ago I’d never heard of it either. They had local tat soi at Whole Foods and I wanted to try it…it’s SO GOOD so if you see it grab it!! It looks like baby bok choy but it tastes a little like mustard greens! Yum! If you can’t find it don’t stress just use bok choy, mustard greens or any leafy greens. Don’t make it difficult! Same with all the other veggies. Just get what’s local, seasonal, available. Focus on root veggies here.

Preheat oven to 400.
Peel, chop, slice veggies (bake the squashes first to make it easier to peel & chop).
Mix sauce.
Coat veggies in sauce EXCEPT THE GREENS (tat soi or whatever you are using. Keep these separate).
Place on baking sheets (I needed 2) (not the greens!).
Cook 20 min at 400. Stir and cook 10-15 min longer (or until tender & browned, stirring every so often).
When the veggies are done, put them in a bowl WITH the tat soi/ greens and mix until the greens are wilted. The hot veggies will wilt the greens without overcooking, since you’re not actually cooking them.
Top with additional sesame seeds to serve (I use Gomasio which are roasted & salted).
Serves 5 as a hearty meal all on its own or WAY MORE as a side along with quinoa, tofu, etc.
If you want to make tofu or tempeh try making extra sauce to marinate tofu/ tempeh & grill or stir fry or bake etc.
ENJOY the fall bounty!!

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