Welcome to Fall Butternut Soup!

As much as I ❤ summer & grieve its departure…fall is a special & yummy time too… It is officially butternut squash season!!!

I love this recipe from Whole Foods for butternut squash soup with pecans. It has a combo of onions & leeks which is so deliciously autumnal! I always bring this to my Yom Kippur break-the-fast (along with my homemade challah) and it’s always a big hit.

A little tip: bake the squash at a low temp (I did 200) for about 30 minutes beforehand (stick your fork in to see if it’s getting tender yet). Give it time to cool. Then it is TONS easier to peel & chop. Raw butternut squash = one tough cookie!!

Another tip: since you have to purée half of it after cooking, I highly recommend using an immersion blender. Putting boiling hot liquid in a blender is tricky! An immersion blender is a handy (not too pricey) tool that allows you to blend right in the pot!

The pecans are such a lovely & crunchy & flavorful touch. Also this recipe is easy peasy. Enjoy & wow your friends & neighbors!!

Happy leaf-crunching season!! 🙂

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