Vegan Challah!!


Today is Yom Kippur. Jews traditionally repent for their sins of the past year by praying at synagogue (attending Yom Kippur services) and fasting from sundown to sundown. I am not a good faster. Really fall apart within an hour of waking up if I don’t eat. So today I did a juice fast. But let me tell you I sure feel like I’m fasting and experiencing the symbolic self-denial!! I’m off of bread but this is a special occasion and its my culture! I can’t wait to dig in to this baby at my break-the-fast. I used good old reliable Isa Chandra’s recipe .
I made it half whole wheat flour and subbed the sugar for brown rice syrup (I abhor white sugar…I would have used agave at home but I was at my parents and they had brown rice syrup…which actually used to be mine…) but otherwise stuck to the recipe. I made something similar last year. The secret ingredient egg substitute: overripe bananas! What could be better?! Overripe bananas happen to be one of my favorite foods in the universe.

May you all be inscribed in the book of life for the coming year. Here is my pearl of wisdom about repentance and sin and guilt and all that nonsense… We are all human and we all make mistakes. Feeling guilt and shame is counterproductive. First, fix it the best you can. Then move forward by learning from the experience and improving yourself. Every mistake is an opportunity!!!! 🙂

Chag Sameach! L’Chaim! 🙂

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