Tempeh sausage, corn & summer squash

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Tempeh is so yum & a GREAT source of protein & from my research it seems to be one of the healthiest ways to eat soy.

I started with this recipe and then:

I replaced the polenta with fresh corn! I had it in my CSA box and whole foods are always best! So instead of cornmeal…corn! I just sautéed it in olive oil with the salt & pepper & nutritional yeast.

I added yellow summer squash! Again it was in my CSA box & I thought it would go well in this dish which it did 🙂

For the tempeh sausage I subbed some of the seasoning based on what I had in my pantry, for the sake of $$ & convenience. Fennel seed & celery seed–>cumin seed, Italian seasoning–>Bragg’s spice blend, and I skipped the liquid smoke. So just use what you have & like or go shopping! Your choice.

I also threw in some raw spinach & fresh avocado because I love that stuff 🙂 and it really stretches it.

So play around with it & enjoy!!!

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