Crazy creamy chickpea, peach & tomato salad


This salad is insane. Insanely delicious & nutritious! It is a variation on the other tomato peach salad I recently posted as well as the Stonefruit lentil salad…it is similar…but still worthy of its own post 🙂

I started with this lovely recipe (there are SO many great recipes on this site you NEED to check it out).

I added:
farm fresh tomatoes (1/2-1 per serving…I used a whole one because I was swimming in tomatoes but it was a LOT of tomato…they were big)
avocado (1/4 avo per serving…really not a salad without it!!)
A few chunks of not-too-sweet watermelon

I subbed/changed:
Spinach instead of romaine…just my preference
A little less garbanzos (1/3-1/4 can per serving instead of 1/2 can per serving)
Less maple syrup in the dressing (I’d suggest starting with 1 tsp & taste and if you want it sweeter add more…you can’t subtract and you don’t want too much sweetness)
I also just made the dressing separately and just added it at the end…but marinating the chickpeas in the dressing would probably be delicious!

The peanuts & lime almost gave it a hint of Thai so I almost thought about adding some heat…if you like spicy maybe a dash of cayenne or chili peppers in the dressing…just a thought. Anyway this salad is pretty fantastic! Enjoy! 🙂

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