Not your typical potato salad


I got my CSA box this week and it had, among other things:
Potatoes, corn, cucumber, green pepper. I also had some dino kale in the fridge. So I went to work on this beauty of a salad 🙂

Steamed corn (steamed 2-5 min)
Steamed potatoes (cut in 1/2 inch pieces & steamed 7-10 min)
Red onion, cucumber, green pepper (sliced & pickled…throw them in a bowl or baggie with some vinegar, a pinch of salt, a smidge of agave and some fresh dill if you have it. Let soak for at least 15 min or overnight)
Raw kale: stems removed & shredded/ chopped finely
Black-eyed peas (1 can, drained & rinsed)
Mayo + mustard dressing ( I used a version of the dressing from this recipe including homemade mayo–there is a link to that in this recipe too)
Optional: hot sauce to taste

Steam the corn & potatoes, slice & pickle the onions & peppers & cucumbers, wash & chop the kale, prepare the dressing, then toss it altogether with the black-eyed peas and take it to your summer picnic!

I enjoyed this one after I hiked Old Rag (very intense 5 hour hike) and was sipping wine at a nearby winery. Perfect summer day!

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