Post-vacation detox

This week I just got back from vacation so I am detoxing 🙂 But who says detoxing = deprivation?! I feel energized & satisfied. I am doing:

Green juice:
Greens: 1/2 bunch or 1 whole bunch of kale or collard greens
Base: 1/2 bunch of celery OR 2 cucumbers
Fruit: 1 large or 2 small apples or pears
1/2 small lemon

2 cups frozen kale or leafy greens mix
1 banana (frozen or fresh)
1 cup your favorite fruit (I use frozen cherries)
1 T ground flaxseed
1 T pumpkin seed
Dash cinnamon
Coconut water (enough to achieve desired consistency)

Afternoon snack options:
1/4 cup raw nuts
1/4 cup nut & dried fruit mix
Unlimited baby carrots
Raw vegan nut/fruit bar or raw vegan granola bar or raw vegan energy bar
1/4 cup of coconut cashew yogurt with 1/4 cup fresh or frozen fruit (raspberries are perfect here!)

Salad!!! Browse my blog for many great salad ideas!!! Or create your own! Get creative. Salad should NEVER be boring. The possibilities are endless. Here is some guidance to get you started, if you are detoxing choose the raw ingredients only!

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