Stone fruit & lentil salad

I made this this week & it is SO yum. You MUST check out the Post Punk kitchen if you haven’t already. Isa is amazing.

Stonefruit & lentil salad

Here are the substitutions/changes I made:
Pickled red onions: she says it’s optional but I say do it! They are easy & really add something to the salad. I used agave instead of sugar and only 1 T not 2.

Beans: I used some black beans along with the lentils (2 c total) since I had leftovers. It was still good. I’m all about using up food so there is no waste so use what you have but obviously lentils are best!

Greens: I love spinach so that’s what I used exclusively but you could do whatever. Also I’m sure I used more greens than the recipe says since I’m a sucker for the greens 🙂 to make it an easy make-ahead meal that will keep, I mixed everything except the greens (including the dressing) together and put it in individually portioned containers and then when I was ready to eat it I put the greens in my giant bowl and put the salad & dressing on top & tossed it together. It won’t keep nearly as long if you dress the greens. You could also just keep the dressing separate but I just wanted my portions to be all measured out so I wouldn’t run out of dressing/overeat or anything tragic like that 🙂

Dressing: first off…YUM!!!! Secondly, I used apple cider vinegar since I ran out of white wine vinegar. It was fine. Thirdly, make the homemade mayo!!! It’s quick & easy & better & healthier & cheaper than store-bought & makes the dressing great! If you have store-bought already in the fridge though I’d use that I’m sure it’s still good.

Vegan mayo: I made several subs for this based on what I had & what I like. You can follow the recipe or do what I did:
Use homemade Brazil nut milk instead of store-bought almond milk
Use agave instead of sugar (1 tsp rather than 2)
Use garlic powder instead of onion powder
Use apple cider vinegar instead of white wine vinegar
Use canola oil instead of grapeseed oil

Fruit: I used nectarines & peaches. Like she says cherries or plums or apricots would also be good. Use what you have or what you like or get what’s local &/or organic &/or on sale 🙂


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