Banana Nice Cream


Anytime you have an excess of bananas and you have more perfectly ripe bananas than you can eat, freeze them! They should be VERY ripe. Peel and put in a freezer bag (it’s important to peel them first!!!) then you have them on hand to make your nice cream!

You need:
Frozen bananas (1 per person)
Peanut butter (1 T per banana)
Non-dairy milk (I use my homemade Brazil nut milk but almond, coconut, or even soy works) (Use just enough milk to blend but not so much that it’s runny. About 1/2 cup per banana).
Optional toppings: crumbled vegan cookie, vegan chocolate syrup, vegan chocolate chips, chopped roasted peanuts, etc!!

Throw the frozen banana, milk, and PB in your high-speed blender. Blend it up and then add your toppings and serve!!!!! YUM!!!!

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