Why raw?

This summer I’m incorporating a lot more raw foods into my diet. Why you ask? In the winter I eat tons of warm & hearty chilies, stews, soups, stir-fries, Thai curries, tempeh & tofu dishes. Those foods warm you from the inside!

But the summer is time to eat light & fresh! It is time to enjoy fresh local fruits & veggies from your garden or local farm! Besides, who wants to slave away over a hot stove when it’s 90 degrees out? And fresh produce packs more nutritional punch. Raw food is totally unprocessed and closest to nature. Eating raw makes me feel fabulous! I find it has a cleansing effect.

That said, summer is also the time for grilling (veggies & veggie burgers!), enjoying beverages with friends on the deck or rooftop bar, and eating coconut milk ice cream! Therefore, in my opinion, it is not practical or necessary to try to eat only raw. But after you’ve indulged, just try replacing your morning bowl of granola with a smoothie, replace your lunchtime hot stew with a fresh salad, and trade your tofu dinner for a fun experimental raw concoction! Check out my raw recipes, research/ invent your own, and enjoy! 🙂

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