Here are some of my faves:

Tofu bacon sandwich. This includes a great recipe for tofu bacon that you can use for any meal. make sure to include some vegan mayo and avocado to make this super yummy!:

Bouillabaisse. I made just the basic recipe without the rouille & bread. Just by itself it’s so delicious!!!!

Lentil soup. Taste before adding salt since the olives are so salty. I just used regular paprika but if you have smoked I’m sure it’s even better…But don’t fret if you don’t have any.

Ratatouille is such a great vegan staple. Here is Whole Foods version.

Black-eyed peas and tomatoes with sautéed bananas. This is interesting and flavorful. Be sure to use vegan butter (such as Earth Balance) or oil.

Moroccan vegetable tagine. Be sure to use veggie broth and substitute quinoa for the couscous to make it heartier & more wholesome. Quinoa has protein and is a whole food whereas couscous is processed (it’s basically pasta).

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