Green Smoothie Goodness!

Green Smoothie Goodness!

Smoothies are so much fun to experiment with. I encourage you to get creative. This is my current favorite:

1 Banana
1 cup frozen cherries (or berries or pineapple or mango etc.)
Nut milk and/or coconut water (enough to achieve desired consistency)
2-3 T ground Flaxseed and/or pumpkin seeds
2 cups frozen kale
Dash of cinnamon

Some of those ingredients might sound bizarre to you…I promise it doesn’t taste like kale! The flaxseed & pumpkin seed add some important nutrients such as healthy fats & protein. The flax has omega 3 and the pumpkin seeds have iron. The cinnamon gives it a nice flavor. This smoothie is healthy & hearty…you can start your day feeling fabulous and stay full until lunch. Bonus…you got 2 servings of green veggies down first thing in the morning! Enjoy!

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