Basic meal plan


  • Granola (see my recipe Or if using store bought look for low in sugar & salt and as unprocessed as possible) with nut milk and fruit
  • Oatmeal or oat bran with dates (chop & cook with the oats…makes it sweet without adding sweetener!) and topped with nuts & fresh fruit
  • Smoothie with fresh and/or frozen fruit, nut milk or coconut water, and throw in a little kale. Add cinnamon and/or vanilla for a little more flavor. Add flaxseed and/or nut butter for protein


  • Soup or stew
  • Green salads (get creative with what you throw in! Add crumbled tempeh and/or beans and/or nuts and/or seeds for protein. Avocado is a must!)
  • Quinoa & bean salads


  • Tofu or tempeh with brown rice or quinoa and tons of veggies! You can make a stir-fry, Thai curry, grill it, bake it, marinate it in your favorite sauce, you can do ANYTHING with tofu & tempeh!
  • Roasted or grilled seasonal vegetables. Be sure to serve with quinoa and/or beans and/or nuts/seeds and/or tofu/tempeh for some extra protein
  • Be sure to include GREEN veggies every day!


  • Even vegan desserts should be occasional treats! Some ideas for more everyday “desserts”:
  • fresh or frozen fruit
  • dates
  • banana blended with peanut butter, cocoa, nut milk or coconut milk, a smidge of agave or dates if it needs more sweetening
  • look for raw, unprocessed desserts low in added sugar
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