Lifestyle guide & tips

So many people tell me they would love to be vegan but it’s just not practical or convenient. It is true that we don’t live in the most vegan-friendly world…but it’s getting more so every day! Regardless, you can make it work for you if you commit. Here are some tips for making it work:

  • Plan your meals for the week ahead of time. Choose recipes, take inventory of your fridge & pantry, and make a shopping list. Also plan when you are going to prepare each meal.
  • Make ahead. I do all my cooking for the week on the weekend because my week nights are crazy. I make two dishes, one I’ll eat for lunches and one I’ll eat for dinners. Vegan food keeps for a week. Freeze leftovers you won’t eat within the week.
  • Organize your recipes. I have folders in my safari and my email where I’ve categorized my recipes. I take notes on the recipes I use from cookbooks.
  • Bring healthy vegan snacks with you everywhere. I pack pre-measured mixes of nuts & dried fruit.
  • When traveling or eating out, research restaurants, look at the menu ahead of time and decide what items look vegan and what questions you might have for the server. You may also want to call ahead.
  • Download the Happy Cow App. It will look up vegan-friendly restaurants in a designated area
  • Shop at Whole Foods, MOMs Organic Market, Trader Joe’s
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